How to Get Refunds on Past Purchases (including Amazon) With NO EFFORT


And a personal assistant? Yes, please!

Meet Earny. Oh and he’s perfect! He’s quiet, he’s responsible and he gets me money back on purchases I’ve already made. I love him.  I don’t have to tell him to do a thing-he just DOES it.


Who is Earny?

Earny is an app that was created to find you refunds on your online purchases when prices fall. He not only finds the price drop- he requests the refund and the money will effortlessly go back into your account or on your card.

So What Does Earny Do?

He scours your email for shopping receipts, then looks for price drops on those past purchases.  He then requests a refund (price-protection claim) from the retailer based on their price-match policy and your credit card company’s policy.  Then, based on those past purchase he looks for price drops and gets you a refund on each price drop by sending the retailer an email requesting a refund. It requires almost zero effort and you’ll NEVER overpay with Earny!

How is Earny different?

He runs in the background.  My favorite part is that he works with Amazon and other major retailers- Amazon doesn’t use have a price protection policy so instead Earny uses the policy of your credit card company in order to get you a refund! Think of all those Amazon purchases you’ve made! And did you know Amazon prices change 2.5 million times a day, meaning that an average product’s cost will change about every 10 minutes?! However, the process of claiming a price difference is tedious and often requires paperwork on which most consumers are simply not willing to spend time. Instead, consumers can take advantage of Earny as a “personal assistant” in the sense that Earny will file those claims on behalf of the consumer, entitling the consumer to any rightful refunds.

I heard of Earny because it was one of the featured money-saving apps on “Live With Kelly and Ryan” (which they absolutely LOVED!!) In the list of apps they said Earny was the best and I’d have to agree.

I’ve used a lot of money-saving apps and Earny is my favorite because he follows through with price protection from your credit cards along with retail price dropping policies.  Who even knows when this happens? Who has time to follow up with this?? Now you don’t need to- Earny will do it for you.


You DO need to give Earny access to your email so he can scan your receipts.  Unsure about allowing access to your email? Create a separate email account that you use exclusively for shopping, that way Earny only has access to those receipts and nothing else.

Earny Retailers

Earny tracks purchases made with Amazon, Athleta, Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Carter’s, Costco, Gap, JCrew, Jet, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Newegg, Nike, Nordstrom, Overstock, Sears, Staples, Target, Walmart, and Zappo’s.

Earny’s Limitations

Sounds great, but what’s the catch? Well, not much that I can find. If you don’t mind sharing some of your consumer data, then it truly is just an easy way to potentially earn some extra cash without doing much of anything. Earny requires access to your email account in order to find the receipts to track. Note that this means that Earny can only find receipts that have been emailed to you, meaning that this is best for online purchases.

But, many stores now offer the option to email a copy of your receipt to your inbox after an in-store purchase. Being mindful of this can help improve your chances of receiving a refund. You will also need to provide login information for your Amazon account, if you have one, such that Earny can track Amazon purchases separately, as Amazon does not usually send itemized receipts to your email address. That information is stored in the Amazon database through your Amazon login information, so Earny needs access to that in order to track Amazon purchases. Additionally, you will need to link a credit card with your account so that Earny can credit you with your refund, but pay itself a commission of 25%. Filing a claim yourself would have entitled you to a full refund, but allowing Earny to do this automatically certainly seems worth a 25% commission to me!

Introduce Earny to Your Friends

Earny also incentivizes users to invite friends and family with the opportunity to receive 5% of all of their refunds, as well as 5% of all refunds from their friends. True to a modern rewards program, Earny employs a “help you to help me” method; as Earny works for you, you can help Earny by expanding its clientele and earn extra rewards as a bonus. Not bad. To start receiving your refunds, sign up for Earny today!

A word to the wise: Always check what permissions you are giving to an app. I like Earny because I felt that there was enough credibility for me to feel comfortable in allowing access to my receipts and Amazon log-in.  I’ve read great reviews, I liked it better than Paribus and some of the other money-saving apps, and it takes zero follow-up.  That’s the best.

Want to save EVEN MORE? Use Ebates when you go to purchase something online, and then have Earny watch for any price drops after those purchases. WINNING!!


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