How I Get Paid To Shop Online

Did you know you can actually get paid to shop online? Are you READY to make money without leaving your house?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about getting paid by shopping, but do you really get cash back? Wait a sec, is it a scam?

The answer is YES you really get cash back! And yes it’s real money, no lame rewards or points that have restrictions or must be redeemed at a certain store or has an expiration date.  I’m talkin a Big. Fat. Check.

And NO, it is not a scam!

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How To Get Paid to Shop Online

It does not get any easier than this to get paid to shop online!!

I told my husband he had to sign up, so we earn cash back whenever he shops too.  He’s not into online shopping but he gets cash for his in-store purchases. Win!!

This is for you if…

  1. You like to get checks for $$$ cash in the mail!
  2. You shop online at any of these stores below. Ebates pays you to shop at 1,700 other stores too!



You only need an email address to start earning CASH.

And yes, it’s real money… not fake “store” cash where it’s rewards or points or has restrictions.

And it’s not a coupon that you have to redeem by a certain date.

It’s a real check made out to you that arrives in the mail quarterly or get paid via PayPal.

Start here in just 15 seconds.

Until June 30, 2018, they are offering special $10 BONUS.

To get it:

  1. Signup through my referral link
  2. Spend at least $25 online
  3. Get $10 back

It is that easy!

Need to know more?

Here’s exactly what happens & why it works.

Step 1

Take 15 seconds to join Ebates below.

Is it free?

It’s MORE than free… they will PAY YOU!

If you join through me, YOU will earn $10!

Step 2

Click to shop at your favorite store. Here are just a few you can earn cash back with:

Not only do they pay you cash back whenever you shop at your favorite store (more about why it works below), they also share ALL coupons for those stores with you. So you know your 20% off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond? Yup, you can use that too!

You will get cash back AND discount coupons.

This means you will never pay full price online again.

Step 3

Get a check from Ebates in the mail & deposit it for CASH right into your bank account!

How can it be true??

Why It Works

Many companies pay “referral” commissions when websites send shoppers to their corporate online store.

The website that refers the shopper pays a percentage of whatever that shopper spends at the online store as a “thank you” commission.

When you click on Ebates before shopping at your favorite online store, Ebates is paid the “referral” commissions from each of the online stores.

What makes Ebates different is they share these commissions back with the shoppers!

And that’s how you get paid when you shop online!

Simply click through the Ebates website before buying anything online.

The stores pay commissions to Ebates & Ebates shares those commissions with you!

It seriously is THAT easy!

Click here to sign up in 15 seconds

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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