Disney On Ice Presents 100 Years of Magic: A Review of the Show!

It was Mickey’s 90th birthday, and our first experience going to Disney on Ice at the SAP center here in San Jose, CA. One potty training 2.5 year old, one 7 month old in a baby carrier. Hi-ho.

As we walked in we could feel the Buzz (Lightyear?) in the air. Actually we felt it in the car since Cruz was SO excited to see Mickey, and couldn’t wait to wish him “Hap Birday”. That made it really special since this was his first time seeing him (we haven’t been to Disneyland yet). Parents were running around chasing their Woodys, Snow Whites, Moanas and Belles. Ice cream, cotton candy, flashing wands and cups, dolls, lemonade and more filled the common areas. Everyone was excited. The kids were AMPED- sugar…Mickey..all of the above.

As we sat, we could see the entire “stage”. At the SAP, they minimized the rink and really brought the audience closer to the characters. I felt that there really we’re any bad seats. We could see everything! The characters would come right up to the front rows- interact, dance, sing. It was fun!

As a 2.5 year old boy, Cruz was mesmerized by the skating and the characters. At his age we weren’t sure how this would go. He sat, he watched quietly but he didn’t know all the of characters. Once he saw one he knew his eyes would light up. Totally worth it.

Cienna, 7 months old…we’ll lets just say she didn’t let anything stand in her way of getting some sleep. Bed time was at 6:30 and not even Minnie could stop her.

Here are my tips:

Have a non-walking baby: Wear them in a baby carrier. Our favErgobaby is the Ergobaby 360.

And bring baby/toddler noise cancelling headphones just in case. We LOVE our Baby Banz featured below.

I thought Cienna would be fussy and fidgety since it was her bedtime- nope. She surprised us all amidst the flashing lights and music and singing children.

Dont mess with a diaper bag. Shove two diapers in between baby and yourself with some wipes and you’re good to go. Keep yourself hands free.

Bring your money. We opted for a little flashing cup of dipping dots which was pretty inexpensive in comparision to some other items. but if you want anything bigger, be prepared to pay for it. Some magical wands were closer to $30

Cruz was thoroughly enjoying his flashing Dippin’ Dots

Expect to leave. For us we were actually able to make it through the show, but I was prepared to leave. Two small children- i wanted to leave with a good taste in our mouths without forcing them to stay. Just know it could happen.

We did it!

And as I would expect, it was pretty magical. Cruz couldn’t contain himself in seeing Mickey. The lights, the skating, the songs. It was worth seeing my son’s face light up with the simple joy and uncomplicated joy that Mickey brings.

Mesmerized by the show
The girls: Wah Wah, Cienna and myself

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