About Me

My name is Stephanie Garcia and I am a former hairstylist turned full-time Stay-At-Home-Mom/blogger who’s here to share some of my favorite parenting tips, healthy recipes, and frugal living ideas to help make your life that much easier! 

Cruz’s first Christmas, Winter 2016

Cruz, Matt and myself during the holidays 2016

I am married to an amazing man who happens to be a chef (go ME!). He’s my favorite resource for cooking and recipe tips, which I, in turn, revise into healthier and more economically friendly ways for my readers and followers to use in their households, for their kids and for themselves.  Before going to beauty school at Cinta Aveda Institute in San Francisco, I studied Business Management and Entrepreneurship at San Francisco State so I’m also very budget oriented and a bit frugal and am super excited to help you save some money so you can go buy those shoes you’ve always wanted! Jk, kinda.
I grew up in the Bay Area- lived here all my life and up until a few years ago found myself in Silicon Valley, San Jose to be exact. Up until recently, living (or should I say “surviving”) in the Bay Area has been a real struggle, on top of being a first time SAHM. This blog is to give you a place to find new ideas and give you the resources I wish I had when I first became a parent. I know what it’s like to be your own worst critic and to lose your trust in your instincts (and it’s awful) so I’m here to help, and no judgment here!  Honestly, I’m a mom just doing my best.

Aside from being totally obsessed with my son Cruz and his soon-to-be baby sister Cienna, I’m a light-hearted, slightly sarcastic gal who ferociously tries to eat as healthy as possible then binges on pizza on the weekends. I’m in LOVE with the drama of reality TV- from medical mysteries to Jersey Shore (I said judgment-free right?!). I love tattoos in an artsy kind of way, am obsessed with puppies and love me some old school west coast rap!

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