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Tomato Strawberry Herb Salad (Vegan optional)

Wow it’s March, can you believe it? Now that the weather is getting a nicer and the sun is shining (yay!) I've decided its time to start incorporating a few more salads into my diet. One, because they're light and healthy, two because, well, shedding a few pounds wouldn't hurt me at all! I tend to make the same salad just about every time, so it was time to toss it up a little (HA! See what I did there?!) and try something new with a few ingredients I already had in the fridge. Behold: The Tomato Strawberry Herb Salad.…read more
For the Kids

The Controversial Toddler Harness: To Leash Or Not To Leash

You’re lazy! You should teach your child about limitations and to listen! Hold his hand! It’s child abuse! They aren’t dogs! You should be jailed! All of these statements I’ve either heard, I’ve read all over the internet or have ran through my overactive mind, especially when Cruz began to walk and I started entertaining the idea of the...dare I say it??? THE TODDLER LEASH! Cruz is a active, curious, explorative little guy who is living his toddler life to the fullest.  He likes to be in his stroller or in a shopping cart for about 10 minutes then wants…read more
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15 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Child’s Immune System and Protect Them From The Flu

I'm not going to lie, I have LITERALLY been hiding out in our house ever since the news broke that this is one of the worst flu seasons in the past decade. As of writing this there have been 53 pediatric deaths, and the numbers for adult deaths are rising every. single. day.  These numbers are absolutely awful. But the weather has been gorgeous and I seriously can’t keep Cruz indoors forever. We’re both about to lose our minds.  Cabin fever is no joke. As much as I want to protect him from everything he can’t ONLY see the inside…read more
For the Kids, Healthy Living

How We Overcame and Breastfed for 16 Months: An Honest Journey

We nursed for 16 beautiful months. It was challenging: emotionally and physically draining but absolutely beautiful. The moments we shared while nursing are some of my most cherished memories with him.  I know he needed me, but I needed him more.  In his eyes I was irreplaceable.... Before getting pregnant with Cruz, and even through some of my pregnancy I, oddly enough, never gave much thought as to how I was going to feed him for the first few months of his life.  The doctors said “you have to breastfeed.” The classes said, “you have to breastfeed.” The books said…read more
On a Budget

Homemade Laundry Detergent: Cut Household Expenses

  I’ve been making homemade laundry detergent off and on for a couple of years now and I have to say I’m pretty impressed by how well it works and how I’ve been able to really cut back on my overall household expenses. By making it I’ve saved a ton of money (I was spending $17.99 for 72 laundry pods,  and doing 8+ loads of laundry I was spending over $100 annually on detergent alone, and that’s if I used pods all year) and this “recipe” makes close to a years worth depending on how much laundry you do....for $35!…read more